This would be a mirror titled ‘Kształt N.6’ (‘Shape N.6’). Work on it lasted 4 days and was interrupted in the first half. The work would have taken 7 days more.

The artist’s name:
Anna Bera (The Whole Elements)

The date of the piece:
I started working on 21 March and was interrupted 25 March

width: 48 cm, depth: 14 cm, height: 65 cm

The object was created by gluing the timber together in layers; first, gluing each of the three surfaces, then cutting out the shape of each surface, and then cutting and milling holes in each plane from a template, lastly gluing the surfaces together.

Material used:
Sycamore wood

Amount of material used:
0,04 m3

Amount of material wasted on testing, if any:

Amount of waste material:
0,01 m3

What the completed piece would look like:
After gluing the surfaces together, I would have milled the ‘back’ in order to mount the mirror and attach the hooks. Then I would have carved the object in order to give it the desired rounded shape. Later, I would have oiled the wood, and finally, I would have glued the mirror in.

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