Alicja entered the world of handweaving in 2011. Alicja is a historian and Contemporary Textiles graduate at Shetland College. As a professional, she conducts textile presentations and workshops for various public institutions. In 2016 Alicja took part in a research project documenting tweed production in the Shetland Islands. In 2017 she opened Cottongrass weaving studio in Poznań, where she designs and weaves scarves, shawls, bags and cushion covers. Alicja’s textiles were presented at group exhibitions in Poland, Great Britain, Japan, Czechia, Slovenia and Hungary. Since 2018 she’s been teaching weaving at School of Form.

Textiles are an integral part of our lives, without them we don’t exist.
Starting from winding yarn on a warping frame, the whole process of weaving is executed by hand. The warp is beamed onto the loom, every thread is then placed in a heddle eye, threaded through a reed slot and weaving can begin. Handweaving requires precision and concentration. Thanks to the weaver’s hands, the weft yarn, placed in a shuttle, is travelling between two warp layers. Woven fabrics are the record of careful observation and reflection on the world around.


Studio address:

Fredry 7/40
61-701 Poznań

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