Hadaki is a ceramic studio, founded by Magdalena Kucharska, a graduate of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Hadaki’s ceramics are mainly minimalistic utility forms, in which one can see very strong inspirations from the organic world. A characteristic feature of most works is a fascination with natural, unglazed material, colored in ceramic mass. Apart from practical dishes, colorful vases and unique forms, a very recognizable design of the studio is a series of intriguing figurines. All works are handmade, with attention to every detail.

Motto: Craft & Creativity
Hadaki's works are created by colouring ceramic mass and casting patterns in gypsum forms. Most dishes are glazed only inside, which creates a contrast, tension between the matt outer surface of the dish and a perfectly white, smooth inside.
Studio address:

Ul. Garbary 50
61-869 Poznań

Works of this maker

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