Kuźnia Skały

Kuźnia Skały is architect Marcin Skalski’s craft project merging black-smithing and woodworking.
Coming from Lesser Poland’s countryside, my main inspiration is traditional applied art – ordinary everyday objects such as a ferruled wooden wheel or a scythe.
In my works I often use reclaimed materials and leftover pieces of wood found at a sawmill, which have distinguishing textures and unique esthetic qualities.

I’ve always had a great fondness for wood and steel. Products of past craftsmanship, old tools and household utensils–all that has been very intriguing to me since I was a child. What interests me the most is the stamp of time they bear, which manifests itself in the texture, colour and shape. As a designer and craftsman I wish to create objects which fit into the present day but are rooted in tradition which comes with craft.
The wood I use is mainly leftover intended for burning which I fish for at my local sawmill. I process wood with a number of power tools and machines, many of which I constructed myself. I also use hand tools and chisels I made from scrap metal.


Studio address:

3 Maja 115,
32-100 Proszowice

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