Tartaruga is a small weaving studio founded in Łódź, Poland in 2017 by Jadzia Lenart and Wiktoria Podolec. They focus on handwoven contemporary kilims, rugs and wall hangings. All of our products are handmade with traditional tools and techniques. Most of the products are made of recycled yarns. Designs are inspired by the closest surrounding of the designers: nature and favourite objects, daily rituals or colors. Despite the designs are rather contemporary, they refer to the very rich kilim tradition and symbolism.

As concious designers and craftsmen we’ve decided to stand in opposition to the mass textile industry and all its consequences. We try to answer to the problems of the textile industry with craft. That’s why we produce textiles in sustainable way, with the respect to the environment and our employees, using recycled materials.
Most of our textiles is made in a traditional kilim technique. Kilims are very special textiles with the perfect properties. They are made on large muscle-powered weaving looms. The proces takes dozens of hours of the experienced craftsman’s work. Up to now, there’s no technology, that could be able to replace human hands in this kind of technique.


Studio address:

Bohdanowicza 2
93-552 Łódź

Works of this maker

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