The Whole Elements

As an artist, woodcarver and carpenter, Anna creates wooden furniture pieces, mainly storages and cabinets crafted by hand in limited editions or as one-offs. Her designs refer to forms drawn from the world of nature. The artist focuses on the ways the objects are used, as well as on their ritualistic significance in everyday life. She creates sculptural furniture, the form of which does not reveal the functionality, instead encouraging the users to explore and give them their own meaning. Her works were exhibited in Poland and abroad, including in New York, Milan, Stockholm, and Seoul, as well as in the United Kingdom, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Iceland.

I find pleasure in the feeling of overcoming resistance. When I finish the design stage and I finally gain courage to enter the studio I look at a pile of wood, at a project and I'm usually scared. I don't want to do it. For me it's never easy. But when I decide to take a step forward, I feel strength and I like it a lot.
Anna changes her way of working and experiments with techniques with each collection. She uses computer design to recreate forms taken from nature. Another time, she creates minimalist furniture with primitive sculpting techniques. Anna uses only local timber, she works with both noble species such as oak, but also with wood less frequently used in carpentry, such as aspen, fir or elm.


Studio address:

ul. Ireny Kosmowskiej 6,
03-750 Warszawa

Works of this maker




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