New Moon in Full 2019

New Full Moon is the first from a planned annual series of reviews of the master pieces made by the craftspeople associated with Nów. Designer makers working with ceramics, wood, paper, leather, metal and fabrics have already confirmed their membership in the Association. Their pieces will be displayed at the exhibition. You will have a chance to see the works of Aanda, Cottongrass, In Weave, Kuźnia Skały, Kłosy, Mosko Ceramics,Olga Milczyńska, MK Leathers, Tartaruga, Wenska and Maciek Gąsienica Giewont. All the objects preserve the highest quality of workmanship. They are made with particular attention to details and uniqueness.

Photos: Radek Zawadzki and Robert Liwacki / Projekt Pracownie

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