New Moon in Full 2020

The second edition of the annual review of the best pieces of Nów’s craftspeople.

The pandemic times require a special approach. That is why this year the review has been arranged in the open air in the Wiech Wiechecki passage. Until the 24th of October you can see the masterpieces of our craftspeople made during the last year. They are on display in the C&A shop window of Dom Towarowy Centrum.

The exhibition features objects from seventeen craft studios from all over Poland using various techniques and materials. All of them are the highest quality pieces. You can find there furniture (Square Drops, Aleksander Oniszh, Wood Workshop, The Whole Elements), fabrics (Cottongrass, In weave, Tartaruga), ceramics (Olga Milczyńska, Mosko, Hadaki, Ende), everyday use objects, such as knives (Kłosy) or book ends (Kuźnia Skały), interior decoration items (Maciej Gąsienica Giewont) and personal accessories (Karina Królak, Wenska). A particularly interesting piece that encourages a creative approach towards recycling is a bag made from crab’s shell by Magdalena Maślerz. The exhibition showcases the highlights of Polish craft: its quality, unique approach to the form as well as conscious and environmentally responsible usage of materials.

Unique handcraft is doing better and better in Poland. It is worth seeing.

Stefan Wiechecki „Wiech” Passage 4, Warsaw
Dom Towarowy Centrum shop window, C&A store
Exhibition scene: Anna Bera, Olga Milczyńska
Graphic design: Wojciech Domagalski
Producer: Monika Osinkowska
Photos: Radek Zawadzki/ Projekt Pracownie


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