“490” coffee table

Ash coffee table


H. 49 cm, W 49 cm, D. 49 cm

The “490” table is a simple form with a complex structure, obtained through the use of traditional techniques and carpentry tools. This piece of furniture is handmade

The process of designing the “490” table was based on three main concepts: a repeating dimension – 490 mm, a limited set of geometric figures used in the design – circle, triangle and rectangle, and the use of one type of joinery – a tennon, in a few variants. All elements of the piece were made of the same ash plank.
Ash wood impregnated with natural oil wax.
Additional info +
material: ash wood
weight: 6 kg
usage: Clean with a damp cloth.
A carpenter by calling. He learned his profession at work in various workshops from more experienced ones. Then he made custom furniture in own studio for several years. Currently one of the teachers at the Wood Workshop. Jacob is focused on improving his skills, perfecting techniques and acquiring knowledge on wood. He produces original carpentry designs – furniture, small utility and artistic objects.

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