Earth cabinet

The Earth Stone Wood is a collection of modular and multifunctional furniture. It is a result of a study of the orthoquartzite rock of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and it refers to pagan rites of the ancient Slavs.


Open edition, made to order (8-12 weeks)
H50 x W100 x D40 cm

The form of this piece is a naturalistic study of a particular quartzite rock found in the mountain’s forest. Earth is a functional piece of furniture that introduces a fragment of natural landscape indoors. Single piece can serve as a table, a seat, or a storage unit. A set of two or more elements can be combined to compose a cabinet or a room divider. The dynamic spatial relations between the elements introduce the changeability typical for natural landscapes.

This piece is made of 10 charred cherry wood boards. Its unique form has been constructed by beveling each board at a few different angles, which creates an object made of 19 mitre joints.
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material: cherry wood
weight: 12 kg (with package 30 kg)
usage: Wipe with damp, lint-free cloth.
As an artist, woodcarver and carpenter, Anna creates wooden furniture pieces, mainly storages and cabinets crafted by hand in limited editions or as one-offs. Her designs refer to forms drawn from the world of nature. The artist focuses on the ways the objects are used, as well as on their ritualistic significance in everyday life. She creates sculptural furniture, the form of which does not reveal the functionality, instead encouraging the users to explore and give them their own meaning. Her works were exhibited in Poland and abroad, including in New York, Milan, Stockholm, and Seoul, as well as in the United Kingdom, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Iceland.