SPOT – set of three kilims

The set of three hand woven woolen kilims. Made of recycled yarns using only traditional weaving craft techniques.


Unique, available immediately
large: 150×220 cm medium: 100×150 cm small: 100×70 cm whole set: 200×220 cm

SPOT is a set of 3 hand woven kilims. They are fully usable, reversible and they improve acoustics of every interior. They can be displayed separate, but they can be also set together and make one large kilim. Each of them can be used as a floor rug or as a wall decoration.

SPOT set is unique and signed; bear a serial number and names of designer and maker. 2% of income is intended to charity.
Kilims are entirely made by hand using traditional techniques and machines muscle-powered only. Making a set of 3 kilims took about 120 hours of craftsmen’s work.
Additional info +
material: warp: 95% cotton, 5% poliester weft: 100% recycled wool
weight: 12 kg
usage: Anti-slip pad is necessary while kilim is used on the floor. We recommend rotating and reversing a kilim every few months for even use. It can be easily vacuumed. When a stain appears drain it with a paper towel and then wipe the spot gently with damp cloth. Dry clean if necessary.
Tartaruga is a small weaving studio founded in Łódź, Poland in 2017 by Jadzia Lenart and Wiktoria Podolec. They focus on handwoven contemporary kilims, rugs and wall hangings. All of our products are handmade with traditional tools and techniques. Most of the products are made of recycled yarns. Designs are inspired by the closest surrounding of the designers: nature and favourite objects, daily rituals or colors. Despite the designs are rather contemporary, they refer to the very rich kilim tradition and symbolism.

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