Geometria Shawl

Geometria Shawl



65 x 190 cm

Hand-woven woolen shawl. The fabric is decorative and at the same time has a practical use. It can be wrapped around the neck, cover the back or used as a plaid. Perfect for autumn and winter cold weather. Woven from merino wool, which has excellent thermoregulatory – it is light, warm and breathable. Each piece is unique.

Shawl from deflected doubleweave collection, modern variation on the large, checkered plaids with which village women wrapped themselves even decades ago in Poland.
The shawls are handwoven on harness looms, patterns are often the result of experiments. The fabric is hand-finished – wool yarn is slightly felted and the pattern becomes three-dimensional. I work in the spirit of less waste, buy high-quality yarns from the end of stock from Italian producers, which is why the color combinations are unique.
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material: 100 % merino wool
weight: 1 kg
usage: Can be washed by hand in cool water with delicate soap, do not wrinkle, iron with steam
Beata Wietrzyńska is a psychologist with master weaver title. She learned the weaving craft at the Center Européen pour la Promotion des Arts in Luxembourg and from Polish folk weavers. Creating short series of unique fabrics, she explores the possibilities of warp and weft interpenetration, experiments preserving the utility function. Since 2014, Beata Wietrzyńska has been cooperating with the Magda Butrym brand – limited collections of original women’s clothes are sewn from her fabrics. In Weave materials are used as decorative fabrics, they work well as home textiles and accessories such as shawls and scarves.

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