I like when everyday life is well exposed, it becomes a phenomenon.


About 36 cm long, 17 cm broad, 8 high

The design of the piece comes from the Korean tradition, in which special dishes are displayed on a raised plate. The plate, empty at the bottom, keeps the food warm for a long time, which is why it is perfect for serving warm dishes.

While working on the serving dish, the author returns to memories of the Bornholm coast near the town of Tejn: granite rocks delicately washed away by sea waves.
Serving dish made of clay slabs - joined together, then delicately contoured, empty inside. Covered with engobe and white, shiny glaze.
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material: Stoneware
weight: 4 kg
A graduate of the ceramics department of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Uniwersity of Fine Arts in Poznań. She gained practical knowledge in ceramics workshops in Great Britain, France, Denmark, and South Korea. A lecturer at the School of Form. Co-founder of the August Design Studio. In her works she deals with the topics of time and tradition. She is interested in traditional techniques and their impact on the modern human environment. She was a participant of many Polish and international exhibitions.

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