The Crawling Boule Bowl

Double wall bowl, inspired by the shape of river stones.


46 x 36 x 15 cm

Boule bowls are series of decorative vessels inspired by the shapes of stones. I bring countless amount of them from different places in order to remember stories related to them. The proximity to the river makes my stone collection grow with every walk.

The ovoid shape becomes an occasion to explore color and texture. Even if similar materials are used, the final result is always unique.
Bowl has been made using a coil building technique. Covered by an engobe and crawling glaze. Multiple fired.
Additional info +
material: stoneware
weight: 9,5kg z opakowaniem
fot Marta Piskorek portret zmniejszony
A graduate of Ceramic and Glass department of Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw. Laureate of the Young Poland Scholarship Programme awarded by The Polish Ministry of Culture. She has participated in many international exhibitions and symposiums, including England, France, Spain and Italy. In her works she balances between abstract sculpture and functional form. They refer to natural surroundings, which constantly provide her with structures and shapes. Air, trees, river stones, and water are natural components that during creative process undergo a metamorphosis into a personal vision.

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