Beata Szczepaniak

Beata Szczepaniak - sculptor, designer. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities at the University of Arts in Poznań, a laureate of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award, a participant in residency programs in Shanghai, Osaka, and Munich, as well as a participant in numerous exhibitions, including at the National Museum in Poznań, the Polish Sculpture Center in Orońsko, and the Center for Contemporary Art in Toruń. Currently, alongside her creative and design work, she shares her knowledge by running a ceramic workshop at the Art High School in Zduńska Wola.

She directs her greatest attention towards form and its involvement in space. In her work, she loves to play with form, compositional arrangement in space, the relationship between shapes and colors, and the juxtaposition of contrasting materials. A significant aspect of her creativity is the impact on the viewer through senses and emotions. Endless inspiration for the artist comes from all processes occurring in nature, as well as emotions and interpersonal relationships. Attempting to translate these phenomena into the language of form is a significant challenge for her.

Her works oscillate on the border between art and design. She primarily works in ceramic materials, but she is also familiar with metal and plastics.

In my works, I strive to give shape to something that inherently lacks form - emotions, feelings, atmosphere, and interpersonal relationships. The internal necessity of giving shape to these phenomena is my attempt to bring order to the world.
In the synchronization along the line of 'thought - hands - tool - material,' there is something of transcendence, although this connection is not simply given to the creator/craftsman. It takes years of work, exercises, and experiences for the hands to skillfully execute the commands coming from the mind. Ceramics is a field that teaches humility, humility towards matter - the creator, following its possibilities and limitations, must have large reserves of insight and patience within.

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