Studs vase

Porcelain vase with an organic shape

Dimensions: Ok 25x13x10 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg
Material: Material: Porcelain, platinum, glazing


Unique. Processing time up to 4 weeks. May be finished with gold.

Product available on request

Product description

Vase with an organic form made of recycled porcelain, fully covered with own technique of glazing. Color and shape may be different from original due to unique processs of forming. Each vase form this serie s is one of a kind. Details are covered with platinum.

Execution technique

A main bottle is slip casted from plaster mould. Rest of elements are hand formed.
Monika’s fascination for work with ceramic began with her first contact with soft clay. At first, formless mass allowed to embed figments of child’s imagination, presently it is a way of transferring emotions into the functional dimension. The history of the brand Mosko Ceramics has its origins in Wroclaw, where Monika graduates from the Fine Arts Academy and decides to rent the first workshop, at that time dedicated still to jewellery-making. Since 2017 she has been running an opened workshop in Warsaw where she concentrates on limited series of objects made from coloured porcelain and precious metals. She is inspired, though not literally, by the Japanese gesture art and by objects of everyday usage. She participated in exhibitions and study trips, including New York, Hungary, Great Britain, Belgium and Portugal. Her works find regular recipients in Europe, the USA, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. Jej projekty nadają kształtom nowy sens i znaczenie. Tworzy również naczynia z wykorzystaniem kalkomanii, którą wykonuje w tradycyjny sposób techniką sitodruku. Jest uczestniczką wystaw oraz wyjazdów studyjnych m. in. w Nowym Jorku, Węgrzech, Wielkiej Brytanii, Belgii oraz Portugalii. Prace znajdują stałych odbiorców w Europie, Stanach Zjednoczonych, Japonii, Emiratach Arabskich oraz Australii.

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