This would be a vase called ‘Szkielet’. Work on it took a total of 2 days and was discontinued during the first stage. The work would have taken about 12 days.

The artist’s name:
Arkadiusz Szwed

The date of the piece:
the model was made 19.02, work was interrupted 21.02

diameter: 15 cm, height: 61 cm

The base of the model is a turned plaster shape. A hole was drilled in the base, into which a threaded, metal rod was inserted. Identical, earlier-prepared, wooden pine shafts were placed on the core. The whole object was compressed with a screw and covered with tights.

Material used:
plaster, threaded rod 5 mm x 1000 mm, pine roll 25 mm x 1000 m, nylon tights​

Amount of material used:
3 kg

Amount of material wasted on testing, if any:

Amount of waste material:
1 kg while turning

What the completed piece would look like:
A plaster mould, a porcelain cast, cleaning, glazing and two firings remain to be done.

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