About us

We are a group of designer makers and craftspeople who promote handmade items. We come from different parts of Poland and we have different professional backgrounds and experience. We get inspiration from traditional craft but we do not rigidly stick to ready-made rules of craftsmanship. What we choose is the freedom of experimenting with the form, material and production process. We spread the knowledge about contemporary Polish craft at home and abroad. We represent the interests of craftspeople while dealing with public institutions and business. Together, we make Nów. New Craft Poland – an association of contemporary craftspeople.

We make interior design objects, functional and decorative ones. We use only good quality materials from verified sources. Our clients search for well-made, unique pieces combining functional aspects with an exclusive form that will become part of their everyday existence for years.

Traditional guilds gather the craftspeople of the same specialisation. Until 2019 there was no Polish organisation that would connect the representatives of different craft professions. We have decided to fill this gap and bring together original craft studios that share a similar approach to the idea of craft. We take actions together: we exchange information about grants, scholarship programmes and craft fairs. We also cooperate in carrying out new projects. We share our experience in running craft business and promoting it both in social and traditional media.

Nów. New Craft Poland is a member of Michelangelo Foundation – an international foundation committed to the promotion of craft.


In the present world destroyed by thoughtless mass consumption and chase for more and more profit, craft is being reborn in its creative, new version – just like the moon coming back to its full shape. Nów. New Craft Poland is an association that gathers new craftspeople. Contemporary new craft – regardless of the craft specialisation – stands, first and foremost, for taking direct control over the whole production process by a single person. The craft product is different from the industrial product in that it is not alienated from its maker. It is not because craftspeople do not use machines; in this case, the relationship between the maker and the product is based on the highly complex bodily knowledge.

In our view, craft means co-operation with the material. The essence of our work is incessant searching. Hence, our products are the outcome of experience inferred from countless trials, failures and successes. Craft is for us a process measured by the flow of time, usage of the tools and fatigue of the human body. We spend years working on our own recognisable style. Our pieces are carefully thought-out in every single detail.

Being aware of the climatic situation, we put much attention to the origins of our materials as well as to the amount of waste that we produce. Creativity is to us not only a matter of producing visually attractive solutions, but it is essentially about the knowledge of the material and its skillful usage so that our products can enjoy long life and be repaired if there is a need.

We believe that our craft skills can become of valuable use for the local community. By making locally, we help develop mutual networks of suppliers, subcontractors, small shops and clients. We try to use the services of businesses similar to ours. We give help to our neighbours and we often get their help in turn. We create culture along with creating the urban tissue. We take care of our professional image by taking part in creating the image of our street, district or the whole city. Even though we often work individually, we willingly share knowledge by organising exhibitions and workshops as well as cooperating with designers and business.

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