This would be a bowl called ‘Oddech’ (‘Breath’). It took 3 days to work on it and was interrupted almost half way through. Work would continue for 4 more days, including two firings.

The artist’s name:
Monika Dąbrowska-Picewicz

The date of the piece:
I started my work on 20 March, the process was interrupted on 22 March

width: 49 cm, depth: 37 cm, height: 15 cm

The work was created by hand pressing pieces of cardboard dipped in a stoneware paper clay (used on a daily basis to fill parcels), into a plaster mould.

Material used:
stoneware paper clay, cardboard filling

Amount of material used:
4 kg

Amount of material wasted on testing, if any:

Amount of waste material:

What the completed piece would look like:
There are various possibilities for finishing this work. It can be biscuit fired, glazed and second fired–meaning at about 1250°C. Depending on the colour and type of glaze, the effect will vary, for example, glossy white or matt blue. There is also the option of single firing without any glaze, in which case the final result will be a natural creamy colour of fired unglazed clay. I don’t know which version I would have chosen.

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