This would be a vase called 'LAVA'. Work on it took 3 days and was abandoned after the first firing, which is halfway through the process. Work would continue for another 3 to 4 days, including firings.

The artist’s name:
Monika Skorupska

The date of the piece:
March 2021

diameter: 11 cm, height: 70 cm

Coil building, pressing pieces of stone into a soft mass.

Material used:
self-glazed porcelain, volcanic lava

Amount of material used:
4,5 kg

Amount of material wasted on testing, if any:

Amount of waste material:

What the completed piece would look like:
Piece not high fired, missing full properties of self-glazed porcelain, i.e. translucency, fragility, absence of fragmentary glazing, elements of lava would flow from the cracks in the object.

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