The vase is an effort to continue the 'TUT' series of vases made in 2018. Working on it took about 2 hours over the course of more than a month. This is about 45% of the work on the whole vase. Usually at this stage, I colour parts of the vase with engobe, then the whole thing dries. I fire it once, glaze it, fire it a second time.

The artist’s name:
Olga Milczyńska

The date of the piece:
March – April 2021

diameter: 11 cm, height: 24,5 cm

The vase is made out of stoneware. I mix different colours of clay together myself to obtain the right shade of grey. First, I throw a piece of clay to make it flat (I don’t like to use a roller) and cut out a round bottom. Then, also by throwing the clay on the table, I form a long, about 3 cm wide strip of clay. I stick it to the bottom and start building a cylinder. It is important for the piece to have the same thickness everywhere. I form balls in my hands using the squeezing technique. Then I attach the cylinder to a ball, often adding vinegar to the glue. I like to see the marks of my hands on the piece.

Material used:
grey stoneware

Amount of material used:
about 0.6 kg

Amount of material wasted on testing, if any:

clay may be recycled before firing

Amount of waste material:

maybe a little dust 0.005 kg

What the completed piece would look like:
Most likely, the balls would be in vibrant colours: yellow, pink or blue. Inside would be covered with a white, slightly transparent glaze.

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