Karina Królak

Karina Królak is a jewelry designer. It was the desire to try and test the capabilities of her hands that was the beginning of the adventure with design. Her style, despite its diversity, is very recognizable, full of colors, large forms and unusual combinations of materials. Her works were presented at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad - in France, Japan, Norway, Cuba and Panama. She designs often and in small series. She creates everything by herself, by hand, in her studio located in Warsaw's Praga district. Apart from ethical priorities, Polish folk art plays an important role in her work, which is a source of many inspirations for the artist.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Do what you love and you will never feel that you are at work.
Karina has created her own style. It is a path from design to effect using simple tools, combinations of often recycled materials - plastics, paper, wood, production waste, metals and precious stones. The harder, the better. She also invents her own materials and tries to work in daylight with a minimum use of electricity.

Praownia nr.13
03-410 Warszawa

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