KŁOSY as a brand was set by Piotr Jędras - an architect and at same time a knifemaking enthusiast.The name KŁOSY derives from the town where our hobby of creating handmade knives sprouted. This is also where we set our first workshop. In a dozen or so years we developed from a little weekend hobby thing to a specialist design and production facility. A good knife is a knife well taken care of. This is why we do our best to create tools whose future owners will want to take care of, knowing exactly how to do it. Apart from creating knives, we also strive to share our knowledge and inspire others to work creatively with their hands. In our workshop, we conduct cyclic courses where we create functional knives together with our students, we teach them how to properly sharpen and store knives and share the good practices of working with them.

Tomorrow fail better
Our knives are created in short series and the production process is based solely on the handiwork of qualified craftsmen. We use tool steels of the highest quality and carefully selected wood with unique patterns. Blades undergo thermal processing in professional heat treatment shops to ensure the knives offer full properties of the modern tool steels.Manufacturing a knife is a series of more than a dozen processes, the most challenging of which is shaping the cross-section profile of the blade. In our practice, we recognize the value in ‘freehand’ grinding, without the usage of additional jigs or any devices leading the blade. This approach requires vast experience and high precision, but it also gives us full control and freedom in shaping the blades. An experienced grinder, when working with details, can maintain the precision of up to 0.1 mm. It allows us to precisely lead the line of the blade and achieve very thin cutting edges.At the back of the handle of each of our knives, one can find the serial number, year of production, steel grade and the name of the craftsman who worked on the blade.

Piotr Jędras
Tamka 40,
00-355 Warszawa

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