The piece would be a cabinet, a pedestal entitled 'KOLUMNA' ('COLUMN'). Work on it lasted 7 days, and was discontinued after gluing the base and sanding the shaft, which means 65% of the process has been completed. The work would have taken another 4 or 5 days, including staining the wood surface, fitting the hardware and fitting the cabinet doors.

The artist’s name:
Design: Agnieszka Śniadewicz-Świca
Execution: Square Drop

The date of the piece:
March 2021

diameter: 55 cm, height: 140 cm including the base (12 cm)

The column is made of solid oak wood. The tiny logs, cut in gentle curves, are joined together using traditional grooves. The shaft has been sanded to give an oval, smooth shape. The base is left in its rough, untreated state.

Material used:
solid oak wood, carpenter’s glue

Amount of material used:
about 0,3 m3 of wood

Amount of material wasted on testing, if any:
0.05 m3
manual woodworking allows precise selection of the material and drawing of templates with as little waste as possible.

Amount of waste material:
0,05 m3

What the completed piece would look like:
The work has no shelves made in the interior of the column, no fittings nor a fitted door on a strap hinge going through the full height of the column. The wood would have been stained with a spirit stain in black colour. The whole piece would be protected with shellac polish and waxed with beeswax.

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