Wooden casket

A handmade wooden box with a hinged lid. The photos show a box made of oak and maple.

Dimensions: Wymiary na zamówienie
Material: drewno

One of a kind, made on request. Lead time 4-6 weeks.

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Product description

Unique, bespoke casket. It is possible to order a box made in a different size and from a different type of wood. The interior of the box can be freely arranged using wooden compartments and removable trays. There is also the option of padding the bottom with fabric.

Execution technique

Handmade product, made using traditional carpentry techniques and tools.
A carpenter by calling. He learned his profession at work in various workshops from more experienced ones. Then he made custom furniture in own studio for several years. Currently one of the teachers at the Wood Workshop. Jacob is focused on improving his skills, perfecting techniques and acquiring knowledge on wood. He produces original carpentry designs - furniture, small utility and artistic objects.

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