This would be the ‘Słońce’ (‘Sun’) kilim. Work on it lasted 2 days and was discontinued when ¾ of the work was already done. Work would continue for another day.

The artist’s name:

The date of the piece:
April 2021

with the frame – width: 75 cm, depth: 50 cm, height: 80 cm
without the frame – width: 50, height: 30 cm


Material used:
warp: cotton, weft: wool hand-dyed with natural vegetable dyes

Amount of material used:
20 dag warp and 20 dag wool

Amount of material wasted on testing, if any:

Amount of waste material:
5 dag of cotton

What the completed piece would look like:
The kilim on a frame is woven upside down. It would be smooth without any protruding threads, rectangular in shape and 50×30 cm in size. Tassels about 10 cm long at the top and 20 cm long at the bottom.

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