Warsaw Home

Nów. New Craft Poland supported by PLN Design at Poland Design Festival during the Warsaw Home 2019 Fairs.

The first fair initiative of our Association, carried out in cooperation with PLN Design, is an exhibition „Nów. New Craft Poland supported by PLN Design” presented during Warsaw Home 2019 as part of the Poland Design Festival. The exposition featured interior decoration objects made in six studios associated with Nów. New Craft Poland: fabrics from Tartaruga and In Weave, ceramic objects from Mosko Ceramics and Olga Milczyńska and wooden objects from Maciej Gąsienica Giewont and Kuźnia Skały. Most of the collection was put on display for the first time.
The Fairs took place on 3-6 October 2019 at Warsaw Expo Nadarzyn.

photos: Radek Zawadzki/ Projekt Pracownie

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